How to troubleshoot, fix and report issues. How to get help.

If you have any plugin-related issues, contact our team, and we'll do everything we can to help. However, before doing so, it would be helpful if you first followed these steps:

(1) Clear website caches

If you have any caching plugin installed, such as WP Rocket, LiteSpeed Cache, W3 Total Cache, etc. you should clear the cache after making any changes to your website. You should also note we recommend specific settings when working with cache plugins.

For example: if you have a problem such as making changes in the backend, but not seeing those changes on the frontend, it's very likely that this is a caching issue.

(2) Clear the B2BKing cache

The plugin tries to clear its internal cache intelligently on its own, but sometimes it may fail to do it correctly. To clear the plugin's cache, please go to B2BKing -> Tools -> Cache, and click on 'Clear all plugin caches'.

(3) Can you replicate the problem in the plugin demo?

Please try to see if this issue can be replicated in our demo:

This gives us some very important information. If the issue does not happen in the demo, but happens on your website, it's likely there is a plugin conflict or some problem specific to your website.

We are happy to help either way, but in this case we will probably need a temporary login to your site to investigate the problem and figure out what's causing it, since it's specific to your site.

(4) Disable B2BKing

We suggest you try to disable B2BKing to see if your problem is caused by the plugin or if it's completely unrelated.

(5) Disable all other plugins except B2BKing and WooCommerce.

Does this fix the issue? If it does, then try enabling the other plugins one by one, to figure out which one is causing the problem.

Following the steps above can help both you and our team get important information about your issue, and help us get it fixed for you as fast as possible.

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