Page Visibility by Group

Starting with B2BKing Pro v4.7.0 it is now possible to directly set the visibility of each page, allowing you to make a page visible or invisible for specific user categories or groups.

For example this allows you to create a page that is only visible to B2B customers.

Note: It was already possible to control the visibility of the content inside each page, using the content visibility shortcode. This shortcode allows showing different content to different users, or restricting certain areas of a page based on the user's group. Now we've added the option to control the visibility of the page itself.

How to set page visibility #

When editing each page you can see a list of groups, as well as logged out / B2C users. You can disable or enable each option by ticking the respective checkbox:

How visibility works #

If a page is hidden, it will be hidden from menus. If a user tries to access the page directly and does not have permission to view it, they will be redirected to the 'my account' page instead.

In some cases, the plugin may not be able to hide the page in all menus / sidebars / widgets, etc, as it depends on how each area works. If you have any situation in which you cannot hide a page from a certain area, it may be needed to use the content shortcode or the group-specific CSS feature instead. We are also happy to advise if you contact our team.

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