Backend White Label WooCommerce B2B & Wholesale Solution

Important Note: ALL versions / licenses of B2BKing allow you to choose your own logo and enter your own details on the frontend public areas of the website. White-labeling is not needed for that. Shop customers will never know the website uses B2BKing, regardless of which version is used.

White Labeling is a feature for developers or agencies looking to brand / personalize the plugin's backend and panels with their own agency's brand, name and logo.

B2BKing's "Developer" package offers a White Label add-on that allows you to change every name, logo, icon and description in the B2BKing plugin, and to add the customer's brand, or your agency's own brand.

About B2BKing #

B2BKing is the most powerful B2B solution ever created for WooCommerce with over 150+ features and functions. It has everything from wholesale prices and discounts, business registration, tiered pricing, to tax exemptions, VAT handling, custom billing fields, and so much more.

To learn more about B2BKing, view our presentation page here.

Customer Support #

We pride ourselves on offering in-depth customer support and our 4.98/5 star review average shows it. We assist in detail with any issues or queries that come up so that you can be confident the plugin lives up to your customers' expectations.

While we do not do customizations or custom code projects directly, we are always happy to provide technical info or point you in the right direction for how you may achieve a customization.

How to Use - How it Works #

After installing the White Label add-on, it will show up as a "Helper" plugin on the Plugins page backend, without giving other details.

You can go to B2BKing -> Settings -> White Label and configure:

  • Plugin Name
  • Plugin Developer Name
  • Plugin Developer URL
  • Plugin Description
  • Logo
  • Icon
White Label Settings - Configure Name, Logo, Icon and Descriptions

After configuring those, they are applied everywhere, including on the "Plugins" page:

For example, here you can see the B2BKing plugins, branded as "Wholesaler". They show as developed by "John's Agency" and link to the agency's website.

To hide the "White Label" settings panel you can add this snippet to the site:


You can also hide the plugin settings license area by adding this snippet:


Limitations #

Backend URLs will occasionally still contain 'b2bking' (e.g. as post types are tied to the database and cannot be renamed on the fly.

Conditions of Use #

You may use B2BKing White Label to create and sell end-products such as websites or platforms.

You may NOT sell B2BKing itself as a plugin under your own name or brand.

If you are interested in earning money by selling B2BKing, you can earn 20% on every referred sale by signing up to our affiliate program. We'd love to have you join!

Download & Install Add-on #

If you have already purchased the Developer package, you can follow the guide here to download and install the add-on.

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