How to set up Free Shipping for Bulk Orders in WooCommerce (Dynamic Rules)

B2BKing allows you set up complex free shipping rules based on conditions.

Here are some examples of what you can do with B2BKing's free shipping rules:

  • Offer free shipping to all users for orders of at least $2000
  • Offer free shipping if users purchase at least 5 pieces of a particular item
  • Offer free shipping if users order at least $1000 of products in a particular category
  • Offer free shipping to B2B users only if they purchase at least 100 Computers
  • Offer free shipping to Resellers if they include 1 particular item in their order
  • and more.

How to set up Free Shipping rules: #

Step 1) Enable a Free Shipping method #

For B2BKing to be able to offer free shipping, it must be enabled in WooCommerce settings.

Therefore the first step is going to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping and creating / enabling a Free Shipping method for each zone.

You can set a very high minimum order such as 999999999999. This will ensure the method is enabled but is not normally shown to users.


Step 2) Create a Free Shipping Rule #

Now we can go to B2BKing -> Dynamic Rules and create a "Free Shipping" rule.


Let's create a free shipping rule that offers free shipping for all orders above $1,500.

Free shipping on all orders above $1,500

That's it!

Let's test and see how it works.

We go to the cart page and add items worth less than $1,500:

As you can see, free shipping is not available

Now we increase product quantities so that the cost is higher than $1,500 and click on "Update Cart". Free shipping is now available:

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