Tiered Pricing & Tiered Pricing Table

The latest B2BKing release 2.2.0 introduces several new features and options. Tiered pricing is one of the most important additions. Users can now not only set prices per quantity ranges in the backend, but the plugin also automatically generates a tiered pricing table in the product's page.

The tiered pricing table generated is optional, and its design is made to adapt and work with any theme.

Backend Pricing Setup #

In the backend, in each product's pricing section and in each variation's pricing section, you can now find find price tiers, under both regular pricing, and each b2bking group's pricing.

The way this works is that you can setup regular price tiers, which apply for all users (just like regular pricing does), and then optionally set different tiers for each group, which overwrite regular tiers setup.

This is super simple to setup in any product's backend: all you need to do is enter the minimum quantity, and the final price per unit for purchases over that quantity. The price of the item will be auto-adjusted in the frontend based on the number of items in cart the user has.

Tiered Pricing in the Backend: Simple, Visual Setup

Tiered Pricing Table - Frontend Display #

The tiered pricing table is enabled by default, but optional. It can be controlled in the B2BKing panel in the product page with the dedicated checkbox: "Show Tiered Pricing Table".

Simply enabling this checkbox automatically generates a tiered pricing table based on your tiered price settings.

The table design adapts to the store's theme seamlessly. Here's an example of what this table looks like with the Porto theme:

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