Tiered Pricing & Tiered Pricing Table

B2BKing's 2.2.0 release introduces several new features and options. Tiered pricing is one of the most important additions. Users can now not only set prices for each quantity range for each product, but the plugin also automatically generates a tiered pricing table on the product's page.

The generated tiered pricing table is optional, and its design is made to adapt and work with any theme.

Backend Pricing Setup #

In the backend, in each product's pricing section and in each variation's pricing section, you can now find find price tiers, under both regular pricing, and each B2BKing group's pricing.

Here you can set either regular price tiers, which apply to all users, or price tiers for each group, which only apply to that specific group.

There are 2 main ways to set it up:

A) Enter quantities and final prices (default)

Tiered Pricing in the Backend: Simple, Visual Setup

B) Enter quantities and % discounts

You can enter discount percentages rather than final prices, by enabling the following setting in B2BKing -> Settings -> Tiered Pricing:

Enter % Instead of Prices Setting

Then you will be able to enter quantities and the % discount offered for each quantity threshold:

Min Quantity and % Discount

Tiered Pricing Table - Frontend Display #

The tiered pricing table is enabled by default, but optional. It can be controlled in the B2BKing panel on the product page with the dedicated checkbox: "Show Tiered Pricing Table".

Simply enabling this checkbox automatically generates a tiered pricing table based on your tiered price settings.

The table design adapts to each theme seamlessly. Here's an example of what this table looks like with the Storefront theme:

Tiered Pricing Table with Ranges and Dynamic Display

Here is another example with the Porto theme:

Tiered Pricing Table with Porto Theme

Import Tiered Pricing - Set via MetaData #

Tiered pricing can also be set up through metadata for each product or variation.

Tiered pricing can be set generally for the item (Regular), and for each individual plugin group.

1) To set regular tiered pricing for a product or variation, you would set the following meta key:

b2bking_product_pricetiers_group_b2c = 10:90;20:80;50:70;  

This corresponds to the following price table:


2) To set tiered pricing for a group, you would set the meta data based on group id. For example:

b2bking_product_pricetiers_group_27 = 10:75;20:50;100:25;

This corresponds to the following price table for the VIP Group (ID 27):


3) Example of what it looks like in the database (wp_postmeta table):

key = b2bking_product_pricetiers_group_b2c for B2C users

value = quantity:price;quantity:price;quantity:price;

For example:


looks like this in the database:


Shortcode #

To add the tiered price table to the product page, you can use:


This also supports product IDs, for example:

[b2bking_tiered_pricing_table id=123]

This way you can display multiple tiered tables by specifying the product IDs you're requesting the tables for.

Another parameter you can use is allvariations=yes, for variable products, for example:

[b2bking_tiered_pricing_table allvariations=yes]

This can be added to the description of a variable product to show a table for each of its variations.

Tiered Price Rules #

Tiered price tables can now also be created for multiple products at once with rules. Read more about tiered price rules.

Sum Up Variations (Use Total Variations Quantity) #

Version 4.5.20 of B2BKing introduces a new "Sum Up Variations" checkbox, for variable products:

When this checkbox is enabled on a variable product, tiered pricing is applied based on the total quantity of all variations in cart.


If the tiered pricing is set to give a certain discount at 10+ items, the customer can buy 4x Red + 6x Yellow and get that discount.

Let's say we have these:

And when we view a specific variation, we can see the first discount tier (10-14 items) has been activated:

(if you do not see the tier selected in the table, you must disable B2BKing -> Settings -> Tiered Pricing -> "Table is Clickable").

Each Additional Unit Calculation #

By default, the plugin uses 'price per unit' as its calculation mechanism.

For example let's take this product:

If 4 units are in cart, the total price will be $40, but if 5 units are in cart, the total price becomes $30, as the product's price changes from $10 to $6;

Another calculation mechanism is the "each additional" mechanism.

With this mechanism, if 4 units are in cart, the total price will be $40, but if 5 units are in cart, the total price becomes $46

To enable this calculation mechanism, add the following PHP code snippet to your site:

add_filter('b2bking_tiered_pricing_use_each_additional', '__return_true');
add_filter('b2bking_price_per_unit_text', function($text){
	return 'Price by Quantity';
}, 10, 1);

With this mechanism, tiered pricing basically only affects the quantity above that specific tier.

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