How to customize B2BKing emails

Here is how to modify B2BKing emails, either in terms of design, text, or structure.

How to modify email text #

First of all, if you simply want to modify specific text strings within emails (small changes), the easiest way to do this would be by "translating" the email with a plugin such as Loco Translate.

This does not require actually changing the language. If your site is in English, you can simply create an English translation and that will take priority. You can use this method to modify text strings everywhere in the plugin, as well as in emails.

Here's more info on using Loco Translate with B2BKing:

How to modify email structure and content #

If you're looking to make structural changes or major changes to emails, you can do this by copying the email template to your theme folder, and editing the template there.

For example:

  1. Go to wp-content/plugins/b2bking/includes/emails/templates/
  2. Copy a template such as "new-customer-email-template.php"
  3. Paste it in your theme folder, such as wp-content/themes/storefront/
  4. Modify the PHP template under the theme folder however you want

Note! There is a folder difference between B2BKing and WooCommerce emails! WooCommerce email templates have to be copied to wp-content/themes/storefront/woocommerce/emails/ (note that B2BKing email templates are copied directly under the theme folder)

How to customize email design #

If you want to customize the design / color scheme of emails, B2BKing is compatible with most email designer plugins.

Specifically we have tested it with Kadence Email Designer, which is capable of correctly changing design for B2BKing emails.

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