Set an Expiration Date / Time Limit for Discounts & Offers

You may want to create a time limited discount, or an offer that only lasts for a certain amount of time.

This can be achieved by using the free "Post Expirator" plugin. (also known as "PublishPress Future")

1) Install and Configure the Post Expirator Plugin #

To install it, go to Plugins - > Add New and search for "Post Expirator":

After installing the plugin, go to Future -> Post Types:

Here you must enable each B2BKing post type such as "Offers" or "Dynamic Rules" that you want to set a time limit for.

For example, here we enable it for offers:

It is important to set "How to expire" to "Delete".

2) Configure a limit for a specific offer or rule #

Now for each offer or dynamic rule you will see a box where you can configure an expiry date:

Again we emphasise you should set "How to expire" to "Delete".

After saving the offer or rule, it will be automatically deleted when the date there is reached.

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