Quotes on Specific Products

B2BKing version 4.4.50 introduces a new dynamic rule: "Quotes on Specific Products".

Using this rule you can enable quotes on only specific products or categories (while other products will be purchasable directly).

Customers will be able to add products to a quote request using the "Add to Quote" button:

Add product to quote request

Users can add multiple products to a quote request and then send the quote, alongside fields such as email, name, message. You can also configure custom quote fields choosing from 9 field types.

How to create rules #

To create such a rule, go to B2BKing -> Dynamic Rules and create a "Quotes on Specific Products" rule such as this one:

You can choose "Select products & categories" and then pick out individual items.

If you have both quote, and non-quote products, the former will have an "Add to quote" button, while the latter will have an "Add to cart" button:

Hiding Prices #

By default, these rules also hide product prices. However, if you'd like to show prices, you can do this by going to B2BKing -> Settings -> Other and disabling "Hide prices in quote-only mode".

Requesting a Quote #

After the customer has added products to a quote, they will be able to go to the quote basket and click on the "Request custom quote" button to proceed:

After clicking on this button, users will see the quote form. This quote form is fully customizable and any number of fields can be added:

A quote request sent by a logged in user will create a "Conversation". Here you can discuss the quote with the customer and you can go back-and-forth and negotiate.

You can also send the customer an offer which they can then purchase directly via the shop.

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