(Issue) 404 errors when viewing My Account pages

What is causing this? #

If you are getting a 404 error when viewing the My Account pages (e.g. Offers, Conversations, Bulk Order form, etc.), this is usually a permalink flushing issue. It can happen because you disabled/enabled parts of the plugin, and the permalinks didn't refresh correctly. It could also be a caching issue.

How do I fix this? #

  • Go to WooCommerce-> Settings -> Advanced -> Click "Save Changes" (you don't need to make any changes to settings, just click the save button)

That will usually solve it.

Still not working? #

Try viewing the page in Incognito (Private Browser) mode, to make sure you are not seeing a cache. You should also temporarily disable caching plugins such as LiteSpeed, W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, etc. to make sure it is not a caching conflict.

Still not working? It's possible there is another plugin conflicting with B2BKing. Consider deactivating all other plugins to troubleshoot.

Nothing is working? Contact Us! #

Don't worry! Our support team will assist you and try to fix the issue for you as soon as possible. Please open a ticket with us at https://webwizards.ticksy.com/

If possible, please include an admin-level login access to the website where you have the issue (or a staging clone site). That helps us debug and track the issue, to get this resolved for you as fast as possible.

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