What themes is B2BKing compatible with?

B2BKing was designed to be compatible with all WooCommerce themes. Our plugin uses general WooCommerce hooks that all themes should use. There is no specific code for specific themes in the plugin (it would be impossible to code individual specific compatibility for the thousands of themes on the market).

We frequently use B2BKing together with the most popular themes on the market today such as Flatsome, WoodMart, Shopkeeper, Porto, XStore, The Retailer, Electro Electronics, Bazar Shop, MayaShop, Savoy, Neighbourhood, Basel, Blaszok, Atelier, Legenda, Mr. Tailor, Aurum, Martfury, WooPress, WooStore, Divi, Avada, Uncode, Storefront and others.

Therefore if it's a popular theme, almost certainly it will work with B2BKing without issues.

What about this other, less popular theme? #

B2BKing will usually work fine with any theme, including lesser known themes. But if you can choose, it's best to choose a more popular theme (e.g. 500-1000+ sales).

The risk of choosing a less popular theme (e.g. < 100 - 200 sales) is that it has not had a lot of real world testing - there could be bugs and issues and design problems, including issues that could affect B2BKing. On the other hand, when you choose a popular theme with thousands of downloads, the bugs have usually already been sorted out, tested and reported by thousands of customers. You can take this as general theme purchasing advice.

What kind of issues can there be? #

When there is a compatibility problem, the issues are generally minor: a button that does not show up, a registration form that does not look good with B2BKing custom fields, etc.

In these cases, please open a ticket with us at https://webwizards.ticksy.com - we can help you get these sorted with various fixes, CSS, or code snippets.

What themes do you recommend? #

If you're looking for a specific recommendation, Woodmart and Flatsome are good themes with great support behind them, and we've had good experiences with them, so we're happy to recommend them.

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